• Baobab Lodge Fragrance Encre de Chine Diffuser

Baobab Lodge Fragrance Encre de Chine Diffuser

The Chinese Ink home fragrance ("Encre de Chine") has an aroma of century wood fused with scents of jasmine.
Scent: Century Wood - Jasmine
Presented in an elegant black box
Height: 19.5cm
Capacity: 500ml
Longevity: 6 months
Includes 14 wooden sticks, 42cm in height
Hand crafted
Rotate sticks approximately once a week

The Baobab Encre de Chine Fragrance Diffuser has an aroma of jasmine with scents of century wood in pure perfume infused oil offering a warm and welcoming fragrance throughout, making it perfect for an entrance hall or sitting room.

The Chinese ink in old China is of enormous importance. The Court of the Emperor with these valuable ink the parchments were described. This ink was at times even accepted as payment. The ink was manufactured from coal of the century, wood. This black color is reflected in the glass of Encre de Chine and the fragrance a blend of the Century Wood and a slight hint Chinese jasmine.

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