Onno Sphere Scented Candle (S) – Zanzibar Fragrance

This Onno Sphere Zanzibar-scented candle smells of a blend of green herbs and woody spices. It is is rich and complex, with deep wood notes below fresh and fragrant herbal tones. Zanzibar is the ideal candle for your home with its natural beauty and the naturally beautiful scent of herbs and spices. Enjoy this revitalising fragrance blend at any time. Zanzibar is an herbal classic.

This candle is handmade in Belgium with exclusive perfumes, special pure wax and 100% cotton wicks. It is delivered in a luxury black gift box. Please note that due to the hand pouring process of the wax, small imperfections may appear on the surface, these impurities will disappear once the candle is burnt.
13 cm x 15 cm

Each candle is poured by hand into an ONNO designed exclusive hand-cut glass – a piece of art in your home. The warm colours of nature bring an immediate feeling of luxury into your home. They take you to a landscape of natural colour and beauty. The combination of high-class, hand-cut glass and the perfumes we use in the candles is unique. ONNO candles become part of your home and the exceptional fragrances can’t be found anywhere else. An ONNO candle is a “must have” piece of art to complete your interior with a unique experience and look. Come home, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the ONNO feeling.