Matbox Clear Faux Shagreen Dinner Mats

Matbox® is an exquisite set of three serving mats, eight placemats and eight double coasters for your wine and water glass.
FEATURES Material: Acrylic, silver leaf, engineered wood with lacquer finish
Contents: 2 Serving Mats, 8 Place Mats, 8 Double Coasters
Dimensions: Matbox Clear:450mm x 336mm Serving Mats: 422mm x 309mm Place Mats: 294mm x 294mm Double Coasters: 196mm x

Housed in either a silver leaf lacquered box, or crystal-clear acrylic box that effortlessly displays its jewel-like contents, Matbox® is the ultimate finishing detail for your table setting—and a stunning centrepiece for your home. The perfect gift for weddings, birthdays and special events. Choose from a spectrum of alluring hues, from gold, silver, rose gold to stormy sky and taupe, with the option of bespoke finishes available at your request.