Baobab Cuir de Russie Room Spray Set

Luxury box containing Baobab Cuir de Russie room spray (30 ml) in a brown leather cover by Baobab, plus an additional 30 ml refill bottle.
Scent: Deer - Tanned Hide
Content: 30ml x 2
Presented in an elegant black box

The Baobab Cuir de Russie room spray has an aroma of tanned hide with scents of birch bark in pure perfume infused oil offering a warm and welcoming fragrance throughout, making it perfect for an entrance hall or sitting room.

According to the legend ”Cuir de Russie” was born at the time of the tsars when a Cossack warrior, galloping all day long across the endless Russian steppes and meeting other bold horsemen around an evening campfire, came up with the idea of rubbing his leather boots with birch bark in order to waterproof them. An exceptional scent filled the air and the Cossacks immediately fell in love with it.

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