• Interior Design Trends for Autumn 2014

    October 23, 2014

    As a wonderful British summer draws to a close, it’s time to welcome autumn, and her beautiful array of natural colours and shades, complementing the latest interior design trends.

    Autumn is truly a great time to transform your living space, adding warmth and colour before the onset of the cold stark winter.

    Key interior design trends for autumn / winter this year are heavily inspired by nature –  warm colours and wood panelling are key,  as are traditional craftsmanship and ‘one -of – a – kind’ furniture pieces.

    The trend for mixed materials in furniture design continues to gather pace.   At Lewis & Co, we particularly love the craftsmanship of this stunning wooden and iron table. (below)

    When accompanied by glass vases filled with autumn’s leaves or natural fauna, it makes a wonderful visual statement to any hallway or living room.


    These hand-crafted statuettes (displayed in the image below) are a terrific example of the traditional and ethnic crafts trend which is as strong as ever. Don’t be afraid to pair them with modern accessories and bright autumn flowers to give a bold, colourful look to any room.


    If you’re not one for making a statement, there are a few small touches you can make that will have a large impact on your home. Warm, earthy-toned cushions  are always useful, and colourful, scented candles placed in warm-toned holders easily add warmth and beauty to any room.  To have an effect, the candles do not need to be lit, but when they are, well, it’s the most romantic way to enjoy the most beautiful season of the year.

    All the products featured in this article are available to buy or order from us at Lewis & Co at 54 Paddington Street, Marylebone.